Residential Security

Residential Security provides homes and other premises with manned security, often licenced Close Protection Operatives, usually to integrate with an existing security system. Residential Security is a vital deterrent in the protection of the client’s personal and private interests.
The decision to employ a Residential Security Team (RST) is one that must find the balance between safety and privacy. With this in mind, our experienced and fully licenced personnel are aware of the importance to have a minimal impact on the client/family life whilst maintaining the vigilance required to fulfil their duties.

A consultant will be provided in the first instance to undertake a risk and vulnerability survey. This will make the assessment of your key locations possible, and give us the ability to provide fully informed and appropriate recommendations, so we can ensure the safety and security of your estate and everything within.

As with our Close Protection service, we aim to tailor this security solution to the client’s need and specification. This also includes the demand to secure a location on a short term basis, such as a hotel or other temporary residence; as well as the capability to rapidly deploy a team with little notice, should this be required in the event of an emergency following a break in, accident or other personal circumstance.

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