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Mercury Protection Services Ltd, was founded by Derrick Brown, who served in the Army with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, from 1999 until 2014. Over the years, Derrick has gained a diverse and extensive portfolio in the Private Security industry, where he fine-tuned his skills as a Close Protection Operative (CPO), providing Personal Protection, Residential Security, Asset Protection and Transportation, as well as many more services for an array of Private and Corporate clients; from Foreign Royalty, Diplomats, Celebrities, High Profile Sports Personalities, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Families, and far more.

Derrick’s passion for the Private Security industry is what inspired him to launch Mercury Protection Services Ltd, a company that delivers a premium level of security and protection by allocating the best CPOs and personnel for the specific task, whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, diligence and integrity. In addition, Derrick is committed to raising standards across the board in the industry he knows and understands so well. Exceptional, consistent customer service, working alongside physical security is pivotal to the operation of his business.

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