Close Protection

Close Protection Operatives (CPOs), or Bodyguards as they are often referred to, keep clients and principals safe from unwanted attention and harm. They are responsible for everything from assessing security measures to providing discreet surveillance.
At Mercury Protection Services we establish our clients’ needs and tailor a personal security arrangement that is appropriate for both the situation and the environment. Our aim is to provide a complete security solution that will identify and mitigate risk in the office, at home, whilst travelling and at your private/corporate events. Mercury’s bespoke services will be tailored to fit your exact requirements and provide qualified CPOs specific to your needs; including spoken language, nationality and even sporting prowess, meaning you have unrivalled physical protection in any location, from yachts, ski slopes and on running routes too. For some people close personal protection may feel too intrusive, so at Mercury we use state-of-the-art technology, combined with our military training and tactics to ensure that our operatives deliver non-intrusive Protective Surveillance packages when discretion is key to a principal’s needs, and visible personal protection may not be practical.

We can embed a Residential Security Team wherever you are – at home, work or at your hotel – we will clear and secure the immediate area whether you’re in residence, away for the day or enjoying a night out. Mercury will give you the peace of mind that you’re in, or returning to, a safe location.

Our team of professionals consist of a combination of male and female CPOs, all of whom are time-served ex-military, police or other security backgrounds. Our experienced and professional operatives will each hold at minimum a First Response medical qualification, meaning that you receive the best protection available.

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