Asset Protection

This service offers the protection of valuable items or assets when they are vulnerable, exposed or in transit.
An asset is defined as an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value. An asset may not be a large physical item as normally perceived and may be company or personal data stored on a variety of media. Mercury Protection Services can tailor an Asset Protection Package which matches your circumstances and meets a specification you set that is best for protecting what you value most. This may

  • Unoccupied domestic or commercial property
  • Transportation of high value items
  • 24-hour security on location
  • Escort assistance when an asset is in personal possession
  • Event or exhibition guarding

Insurance policies normally stipulate that certain conditions are to be met to validate the policy. One of the stipulations might be the use of licenced manned guarding e.g., if a building or property has been left unattended over a long period of time or an expensive item (such as jewellery) is required to be transported from a shop to a promotional show or photo shoot. It might simply be that the client is away on business or holiday, and wants the assurance that their residence, expensive car, or other personal assets, are being kept safe and secure by professionals.

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